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Animated Video Series



In 2020 an English department coordinator at the University Externado

asked me to create several PDFs that would form the basis of a unit on

study skills based on neuroscience, to help guide our learners towards

more effective study habits. I had at that time been investigating methods

to create animations using Keynote software, and I saw this as a great opportunity to build my animation skills, as well as put my learning design, voiceover and audiovisual production expertise to good use.


Therefore, I proposed to the coordinator that rather than PDFs, I could instead create a series of 3 animated videos for the unit and thereby provide learners with a much more engaging learning experience.

With approval, I set to work researching the subject (mainly relying on this fantastic course I had taken previously), then planned the content for each video, wrote the scripts, created storyboards and sourced and edited the graphic and audio assets to use.


With feedback from the coordinator, I set to work developing the animations in Keynote, and then recorded and edited the voiceover. Finally, I finished editing the videos in Final Cut Pro and delivered the final product, which continues to be central to a core unit of study at the start of each semester for thousands of learners in the university's general English program.

Below I include an embedded version of the videos, which the university uploaded to youtube (note that the viewing numbers on youtube are not accurate, as in the study unit, the videos are embedded in a Google Forms document, which fails to register a view unless the student optionally clicks through to watch the video on youtube). Finally, see my e-learning module based on the same series, which I developed later with Articulate Storyline, and incorporates these videos into an (extra!) engaging and self-contained learning experience.

Project Info






Animated video series


Logic Pro, Keynote, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator

Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Voiceover, Graphic Design, Video/Audio Production


Study Smarter 1


*View on here

Study Smarter 2


*View on here

Study Smarter 3


*View on here

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