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Snakebite Hero

Employee Training in Critical First Aid




This concept project is a 'serious game' and story-driven branching scenario. It places you in an immersive, realistic snakebite scenario in which you choose what to do at every step, and trains you in essential first aid protocol for snakebites via an interactive video-based, gamified, 1st person POV learning experience. 

I created the project as an innovative employee training solution for imagined company Bush Restoration Heroes (BRH). For greater detail on the project and my design process, read on below. Or just dive right in and...

Project Info





eLearning / Branching Scenario


Articulate Storyline 360, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro

Learning Design, UX/UI Design, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Graphic Design, Video/Audio Production, Voiceover



Immersive Experience - 1st person POV video and real soundscape

Choose Your Own Adventure - The user chooses what to do next, the module gives feedback

Beautiful UX/UI - Sharp graphics, slick design, user-friendly interface 

Bespoke Training - On-brand, crafted to meet specific stakeholder needs/learning objectives

Fun and Gamified - Take on the challenge; win and lose points while the module keeps score

Interactive - Engaging drag and drop, slider and hover interactions

Simple Solution - Small footprint, easily delivered via website or LMS 

My Design Process

I followed the ADDIE model of instructional design combined with an action mapping approach.



Action mapping meeting with the client to identify key problems to solve with (improved) training

Analysed needs of all stakeholders (management/HR/employees)

Conducted a quick staff survey to then create a user persona

Based on the analysis, created a design proposal and submitted to client for approval / feedback



Researched latest snakebite first aid protocols for the Australian context

Created branching module map (see map here) based on user choices and their consequences 

Wrote script, created storyboards and a shot list to guide filming/sound recording (see these here)

Interviewed SMEs (a paramedic, client's on-ground staff) to ensure accuracy, authenticity and relevance in content



Filmed and recorded sound on a real client worksite, to add authenticity

Film/audio recorded at high resolutions (4K/48kHz) to maintain quality after file compression

Assets edited and produced in Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro

Built module slide by slide in Articulate Storyline, guided by storyboards

Submitted project iterations for feedback from client

implementation (1).png


Delivered project (published project and editable files) to client 

Client simply uploaded module to their new online training portal, using cloud hosting service

Module immediately available for employee training

good-feedback (1).png


Users completed a quick online feedback survey after finishing module

Responses showed fantastic employee reception of new training approach

User feedback lead to several easily-made updates to module

Client thrilled with the product

Problems Solved

Intro shot-min_edited_edited.jpg
Intro shot-min_edited.jpg

         The Solution

Tailor-made Online Training Module

Powerful, effective and memorable trainingdesigned to meet the client's specific training objectives, with content specifically crafted for the client's employees.

Innovative, Engaging, Motivating

Fun, self-paced, gamified 1st-person POV interactive video elements put the learner in charge. UI/UX design that makes learning a pleasure.

Cost-effective, Simple, Future-proof

Light, responsive and easily delivered via website or LMS. Available anytime, anywhere and totally editable for any future updates. Makes training and new staff onboarding easy.

The Client's Problems

Training Gaps → Poor Outcomes

Employees seem unaware of correct snakebite first aid protocol, leading to several permanent disabilities and hefty workplace compensation claims.

Demotivating Training Materials 

Employees view company's printed first aid coursebook as overly long, dry, outdated and largely irrelevant - and avoid reading it.

Costly, Impractical Training Approach

With many employees in numerous locations around Australia, in-person first aid training sessions are a constant expense and logistical hassle. Worse, new hires often remain untrained in snakebite protocol until the next session.

arrow-right (1)_edited.png

Project Design Documents

Module Map


Shot List

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