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Using Listening Strategies

Lesson Plan and Materials - Higher Education


Strategy-based instruction (SBI) is an evidence-based pedagogical

approach that empowers learners to take charge of their own learning.

It does this by teaching them cognitive and metacognitive strategies they can use autonomously.


Responding to a need for my learners at the University Externado of Colombia to build both their listening skills and

autonomous practices, I designed this lesson to equip them with strategies to help them plan for, monitor and evaluate their own listening skills development.

Beyond the focus on SBI, I also designed the lesson according to the motivational principles of self-determination theory (autonomy / relevance / competence). It was designed to be highly relevant to the learners, with activities centred around a BBC interview in English with the Colombian president at the time about issues surrounding Colombia's internal conflict. It was also designed to satisfy learners' needs for autonomy and competence in equipping them with metacognitive strategies to take charge of their own listening skills development. 

I would also point out the use of Bloom's Taxonomy in writing clear, measurable learning outcomes (see samples below), as well as the use of colours, plenty of white space and clear organisation of elements in both the student worksheet and teacher's (always think of the teacher!) lesson plan, for visual appeal. Additionally, if you have a good look at the samples below, you may notice that the lesson involves learners in activities that hit each of Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction. Finally, I created a post-lesson student survey to gain feedback on the quality of the lesson from learners. Below you can view a sample of feedback from one group of learners after I taught them the lesson. 

Key Info




Lesson plan + materials


Instructional design for on-campus / blended learning, lesson planning, materials design and evaluation, strategy-based instruction, survey design


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Lesson worksheet
Student worksheet
Student worksheet

Student worksheet

LP - Listening Strategies.png

Lesson plan - objectives

Lesson plan 2.png

Lesson plan - procedure for teachers

Extract of post-lesson student evaluation survey results

(These results show a sample of student evaluations of the lesson for one group at the university. The survey was in Spanish.)

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