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Pronouncing '-ed' words

Pronunciation for English Language Learners



This is a simple, fun and memorable module that helps English language learners with a very common area of difficulty: how to pronounce words that end in '-ed' correctly. As always I took a systematic approach in designing the module, in this case applying

principles and strategies from Bloom's Taxonomy  (in particular

activities to listen, copy, repeat, memorise, find, categorise and match), as well as Gagne's nine-step model  (including informing the learner of objectives, stimulating recall of prior knowledge, presenting clear rules, providing guidance, and eliciting and assessing performance).


Learners, therefore, have the opportunity to practice listening, mimic pronunciation, learn a simple and (in my experience) very effective rule, and begin to put it into practice. Adding to the module's utility is the fact that Rise 360 courses have a tiny footprint, can be published on LMS or standard website, and adapt seamlessly to any device.

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Articulate Rise 360

Learning Design, UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Voiceover, Audio Production



Responsive - Adapts to any device

Nice UX/UI - Simple, clean visual/audio design, user-friendly interface

Learner-centred - Self-paced learning, designed for specific learner profile

Self-contained - Teaches, tests and reinforces learning all in one package

Interactive - Drag and drop and clicking interactions

Rich media - Includes high-res audio for listening/pronunciation training

Simple - Tiny footprint, easily delivered via LMS or website

Evidence-based Design - Incorporates principles and strategies from Bloom's Taxonomy and Gagne's model for instructional design

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