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UI & UX Design for Mobile App


As a spicy food fan, I would love this app! That's why the idea for it came 

to me quite easily when I was studying a UI/UX Design Specialization 

with California Institute of the Arts. A key component of the course was to

come up with an original app idea, then develop it through a rigorous

UI/UX design process. This included:

• Ideation

• Planning 

• And creating:

- user personas

- a moodboard

- a pattern library

- a sitemap

- a wireframe

- a visual mockup 

- a clickable prototype

See below for a clickable prototype and samples of several of the abovementioned deliverables, many of which I developed using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD.

Key Info








UI & UX Design for Mobile App


Ideation, Planning, User Research, Visual / Graphic Design, Creating a Sitemap, Prototyping

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD


Click above to try the clickable prototype!

* Opens external Adobe XD site. Note that app functions are limited.


Ideation stage

User Persona

User persona

ChillChums Moodboard


Pattern library

Pattern library

Wireframe/Visual Mockups

Wireframe/Visual mockup for one partial user journey 

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