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Interactive Activities on Moodle

Interactive Activities for LMS using H5P


As part of the learning design team at the University Externado, part of

my work involved designing interactive learning experiences for delivery

on Moodle using the H5P plugin. H5P allows for a surprising range of

interactive activities, including videos with embedded quiz questions and wordfinder games that take advantage of the technological affordances of online learning. The below example is a simple drag and drop activity I created for learners to complete on Moodle, to reinforce a grammar / vocabulary point they had studied in a separate lesson I designed based around the topic of job interviews.


Incidentally, to the best of my knowledge, I introduced H5P into the university. I came across mention of the plugin while investigating ways to build learner engagement in online learning with LMSs. I pushed for it to be installed in the university's backend LMS admin, which opened up a whole new world of interactive content possibilities for all of its online learning programs. *Pats self on the back*

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Interactive online learning for LMS


Learning design for LMS, H5P


H5P Drag and Drop - designer view

Designer view of H5P activity

User view of the same activity

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