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Assessment Design for LMS

Undergraduate Assessment - Moodle


In my learning design role at the University Externado of Colombia, one of

my tasks was to design, implement and evaluate assessments delivered on Moodle, which continue to be used as part of the blended English program offered at the university.

Assessments needed to align with material and objectives covered in the various learning programs. Attention to detail and a close knowledge of assessment design were paramount, given that students' results in the assessments contributed significantly to their overall grades for the semester.

The below samples show some extracts from an exam I created on Moodle to assess learners' listening skills. In one sample you can see the basic programming of the answer key for a question, as well as an embedded audio track and images. Note that the language of the questions is simplified - this assessment was designed for students with relatively basic English skills.

Key Info






Assessments delivered via LMS (Moodle)



Assessment design, delivery and testing on LMS, programming


Sample LMS multiple choice question

Screenshot showing a listening question in Moodle from the designer's perspective, with embedded audio track. 

Sample LMS multiple choice question

The same question, with coding of answers. 

User view - multiple choice question

Student view of a multiple choice listening question I created in Moodle.

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